• Javida Thumping & Shaking Rabb

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Średnica zewnętrzna 2,7 - 3,9
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Deeply pulsating all-round pleasure!
The Thumping & Shaking Rabbit Vibrator from Javida has a perfectly curved G-spot shaft. The upper third of the shaft shakes and pulsates for a wonderful vagina massage while the clitoris is stimulated by powerful thumping, knocking impulses.

The innovative shaking and thumping functions both have 10 modes that can be controlled with the buttons on the toy â€" either separately or combined. If a person wants, they can also push the Turbo button to instantly start both functions at full power. The 3 reliable motors are powerful but also very quiet.

The lower part of the shaft is pleasantly flexible and the entire vibrator is made out of silicone with a silky soft texture. This means that the vibrator is easy to insert, adapts to the body and feels wonderful during stimulation.

Rechargeable â€" includes a USB magnetic charging cable.

17.1 cm x 12.1 cm, insertion length 14.2 cm, Ø 2.7 cm - 3.9 cm.
Weight 291 g.
Silicone, PU, ABS.
Informacje o produkcie
Materiał Silikon, PU, ABS
Całkowita długość 17,1
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